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CoronaVirus Covid-19 update


Please be reassured that you will not incur any fines for late books as a result of this.

Thanks & hope to see you again soon.


Summer Read Volunteers helping out at one of our many storytime and craft events.
Summer Read Volunteers helping out at one of our many storytime and craft events.

Who are the Friends of Kennington Library (FOKL)?

FOKL is usually known as the Friends.  The Friends’ group’s aim is to keep the public library thriving in Kennington.  We believe that the library is a place where everyone is welcome, therefore every library user should become a member of FOKL!

img_1789Kennington Library has been designated a Community Library.

What does that mean? It means that the county council no longer pays all of the staffing costs. The Friends are determined to maintain a professionally managed library during all opening hours and to achieve this by fund raising. The financial support of FOKL is essential to maintain the service provided by the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) library staff.

img_0852In addition, volunteers assist in many ways in the library to sustain the level of service we are used to.  The Friends make a difference.  For instance, we spearheaded the colourful library makeover in 2015 and hold regular events in the library for adults and children.  There are lots of ways you can help FOKL and your community library.

Thank you

Thanks to our president, Korky Paul, and to our sponsors:

           Small World Montessori Nursery

           Radley College

           St John’s College

           Best One Shop

           Tonks Funeral Directors

We gratefully acknowledge a grant from Kennington Parish Council towards the costs of our free events for adults and children.