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Kennington Library Coffee Talks – 2018

Talks: 11.00am to 12.00noon. Free coffee/tea and biscuits from 10.30am

February 7th: Henry Wymbs

Henry will talk about his life, and his autobiography A Wymbsical Life. An account of his journey from humble beginnings in rural Ireland, to Oxford Thames Valley police officer, to popular presenter of the BBC s Irish Eye radio programme.

March 7th: Carol McGrath

A welcome return to historical novelist Carol McGrath. Carol will talk about her new publication, The Woman in the Shadows, a 16thC fictitious account of the life of Elizabeth Cromwell, wife of Thomas Cromwell, later Henry VIII’s chancellor.

April 4th: Mark Davies

A talk about Daniel Harris, (c1761–1840) the governor of Oxford Castle Prison. Using convict labour, he applied his skills as a builder, draftsman, and engineer to rebuild the prison, to the completion of the Oxford Canal, and to essential changes along 30 miles of the Thames.

May 2nd: Caroline Roaf

Caroline will discuss her recently published collection of letters from Pleasance Walker, an Oxford woman who nursed with the French Red Cross throughout WW1. Discovered in a North Oxford attic, they tell a ‘drawing room to hospital theatre’ story.

June 6th: James Harrison

James runs the Oxford publishing company Oxfordfolio and will talk about working with Annie Sloan, Bill Heine, Caroline Roaf, Sylvia Vetta and The Cowley RoadCookbook.

July and August: Summer Recess

September 5th: Carol Newbigging

Local Kennington historian Carole will discuss ‘The Changing Faces’, a series of Oxfordshire local history books. Carole’s first book, The Changing Faces of Cowley, was published in 1994, and she has written 17 of the 70+ books in the series.

October 3rd: Life Writing Session led by Pamela Allen and Sylvia Vetta

We will invite people to bring along an object that has special significance to them. The meeting will then encourage the relating of a life experience story connected to that object.

November 7th: Roger Allen

Wilhelm Furtwängler: Art, Politics and the Unpolitical
Roger will talk about Wilhelm Furtwängler, the acclaimed conductor of The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra during the Third Reich (1933-1945) who, through circumstance rather than design, found himself at the centre of Nazi cultural politics.

December 6th: The Best Reads of 2018

Kennington Library’s traditional Christmas meeting with mince pies and mulled wine.